Thursday, April 17, 2008

A picture study

Here is a picture of Fisch sitting on the front porch waiting for his BFF. Here is what I am seeing:

  • My 2-year-old who has recently decided that he must have his binky, 2 blue receiving blankets, and a bunny-blanket at all times. Often this group is accompanied by a drink and a toy. Is there something wrong with that? I had him weaned off the binky except for bedtimes, but now he wants it all of the time.

  • Behind my dirty glass door you can see my very deprived dog who never gets to go in the front yard (because she would like to kill all of the other animals in the neighborhood). Poor Kaia.

  • On the brick near the door you can see how Fisch has decorated our home with pink chalk.

Now for another picture study:

Here is BFF and the Easter Bunny last year. So cute. Here is what I see:

  • Tears of love as she clings to the bunny for dear life in fear that her mommy will take her away from her big soft furry friend. Oh how darling.
  • Look in the bunny's mouth. YIKES, Now that is freaky! Needless to say BFF didn't see the Easter Bunny this year and her mommy and daddy will probably keep her away FOREVER! I mean, you know there is a person in there, but when you actually see him???? He kind of seems like some kind of pervert. I know that is horrible to say, I am sure that he is a kind and loving man who looks forward to Easter time each year so that he can play the Easter Bunny for all of the little children... BUT EEWWWW!


Liz and Jake said...

I am now officially NEVER taking my kids to see the Easter bunny!! FREAKY!

Jenny said...

Your boy, and the dog, look like they could use a nice long cuddle! I think this picture of Fischer is adorable. And I'm going to ignore the post about the freaky dude in the bunny outfit and appreciate how cute BFF is. That picture is ridiculously sweet!

Anonymous said...

So is BFF best friend forever? Pardon me, I am a digital immigrant. I love the pictures and the BLOG. I got cleaned up from last night's dinner - which I totally enjoyed having all of you over! - and now I am forcing myself to write a psych report. UGH. Hugs and kisses to my favorite naked boy!! Grandma Betsy