Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Last night in a crowded public bathroom, I was trying to stabilize Fischer on the big toilet so he could go. We're cramped in the tiny stall and I'm crouched in front of him, when I realize that I need to point "it" down for him. I poke "it" with my finger and he yells out "Mommy, don't touch my penis!" (TWICE!!)
I was too embarrassed to ever come out, so we're going to have to stay in this stall for the rest of our lives! The good news is: this will make potty training a breeze!


Jenny said...

Wow, the apple doesn't fall far, does it? Your boy is hysterical! That's what you get for teaching him to have such great verbal skills. Good one!

Janalu said...

This is why my kids will not know the correct names of thier privates until middle school. From now on do as the Thompson's did and reffer to it as your front bum and back bum.

Lisa said...

Front bum and back bum??? That is hillarious! My mom called it a bobo and a weeny. I don't think that is any better. It made the girl part sound like it belonged in the circus!

Then, one time I was at the OB and she was doing her thing and suddenly started talking about whether or not the circus was in town!!!!! Ummm, I totally felt like a freakshow! What made her think of that while she was doing THAT!?

Janalu said...

Maybe bobo's looked like tents to her. At least it wasnt a male because then he might have been thinking about pitching a tent if you know what I mean and I think you do.