Sunday, April 27, 2008

Deep Thoughts from Fisch

At the bakery:
Fischer: "My tummy feels sad."
Mommy: "Oh my goodness, what could make it feel happy?"
Fischer: "Cookies."

After he'd been naked for awhile...
Fischer: (pointing at his rear end) "I figured out what's in there."
Mommy: "You did? What's in there?"
Fischer: "Poop"
Don't worry, I promptly washed his hands after that! Eeewwwww!

In the truck...
Fischer: "I have an itchy nose"
Daddy: "Did you fix it?"
Fischer: "Yeah..... I have gas in my butt."
Daddy: "Did you fix it?"
Fischer: "Yeah."

Fischer is always telling us he is going to "Grow up be grown-up". Andy asked him what grown-ups do that babies can't. Here are his top 5:
  1. "I grow up be grown-up, play with knives!"
  2. "I grow up be grown-up, open doors!"
  3. "I grow up be grown-up, open fridge, get stuff out!"
  4. "I grow up be grown-up. push buttons on the TV!"
  5. "I grow up be grown-up, open oven!"
Andy has been trying to get Fisch to wear his big boy underwear instead of running naked through the house. The problem is, when he has to go, he takes them off wherever and runs into the bathroom. So now you can often hear Fisch yelling from the potty,

"Daddy! I keep big boy underwears on my ankles!"

By the way, the messy boy in the picture above accomplished that by eating only ONE chocolate chip cookie! That kid's got talent!


Janalu said...

you should teach him pay bills and work full time. Being a grown up is so much fun. Aslo you should not post a poop caption that close to a chocolate picture. People might get the wrong idea.

Lisa said...

I kind of thought that picture was poorly placed... that's why I added the description at the bottom. I should have stuck it up top. Oh well, keep 'em guessing!

Jenny said...

"I play with knives!" That is hilarious. I noticed, "I get job" was not one of the options. Smart boy you have there!