Sunday, March 16, 2008

Inspiration on Sunday

I'm not feeling too inspired today, but I think it is important for me to focus, pray, and GET inspired. You know, you always hear people talking about seeing God in everything, or in the little things, or something. Usually when I think of that, I think of seeing God in flowers, trees, rainbows, mountains... and being thankful for nature.

However, I'd like to share the kinds of things that my tiny son thinks of when he is thanking God each night. He thanks God for his day, his friends and his family (I think that is part of his script), but then he takes a minute before continuing.

He thanks God for Mommy and Daddy, Sophie and Kaia (the dogs), and usually his grandparents.

But then he almost always thanks God for his very best friend and her family, each by name. Then he'll take another minute to think again.
This time, it is all of the little things that start to pour out (sometimes, just one or two, but often the list goes on). He thanks God for lotion, pillows, peek-a-boo, balls, icicles, tow trucks, boys, motorcycles, trains, blankets, his bed, tortillas, milk, dog food, buttons, zippers, and so many more.

Thinking about life without those things, makes me grateful that I have Fischer to remind me of all of the little things that God gives to us.

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